Olia Lialina
Something for Everyone
24 December 2023 - 16 January 2024​​​​​​​

Something for Everyone (2017) consists of four small advent calendars, which have been customised and manufactured by a print-on-demand service in Germany.
Each year, Olia’s husband - Dragan - orders a calendar for each of the four members of their family. Working within the at-hand material conditions of the internet, he searches for images online, selecting those which he decides would be likely to make each of them happy. These found images are then ripped from their initial contexts and added to the cardboard calendars using the print-on-demand service option for ‘image customisation’.
Exhibiting the empty advent calendars from 2016 as readymades, Lialina presents a cross-section of her family’s taste. Through presentation of these private family objects within contemporary art and gallery contexts, Lialina intends to point towards the power of cultural industries, the pervasive nature of images, and their transformations through niche markets.